Washington State RCW 49.60

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49.60.010      Purpose of chapter.
49.60.020      Construction of chapter--Election of other remedies.
49.60.030      Freedom from discrimination--Declaration of civil rights.
49.60.040      Definitions.
49.60.050      Commission created.
49.60.051      Board name changed to Washington State Human Rights Commission.
49.60.060     Membership of commission.
49.60.070     Compensation and reimbursement for travel expenses of commission
49.60.080      Official seal.
49.60.090      Offices of commission.
49.60.100      Reports of commission.
49.60.110      Commission to formulate policies.
49.60.120      Certain powers and duties of commission.
49.60.130      May create advisory agencies and conciliation councils.
49.60.140      Commission may hold hearings and subpoena witnesses.
49.60.150      Witnesses compelled to testify.
49.60.160      Refusals may be punished as contempt of court.
49.60.170      Witness fees--Deposition fees.
49.60.172      Unfair practices with respect to HIV infection.
49.60.174      Evaluation of claim of discrimination--Actual or perceived HIV infection.
49.60.175      Unfair practices of financial institutions.
49.60.176      Unfair practices with respect to credit transactions.
49.60.178      Unfair practices with respect to insurance transactions.
49.60.180      Unfair practices of employers.
49.60.190      Unfair practices of labor unions.
49.60.200      Unfair practices of employment agencies.
49.60.205      Age discrimination--Limitation.
49.60.210      Retaliation against whistleblower.
49.60.215      Unfair practices of places of public resort, accommodation, assemblage,
49.60.220      Unfair practice to aid violation.
49.60.222      Unfair practices with respect to real estate transactions, facilities, or
49.60.223      Unfair practice to induce sale or rental of real property by representations
                      regarding entry into neighborhood of persons of particular race, disability,
49.60.2235    Unfair practice to coerce, intimidate, threaten, or interfere regarding
                      secured real estate transaction rights.
49.60.224      Real property contract provisions restricting conveyance, encumbrance,
                      occupancy, or use to persons of particular race, disability, etc., void--
                      Unfair practice.
49.60.225      Relief for unfair practice in real estate transaction--Damages--Penalty.
49.60.226      Cooperative agreements between units of government for processing
49.60.227      Declaratory judgment action to strike discriminatory provision of real
                      property contract.
49.60.230      Complaint may be filed with commission.
49.60.240      Complaint investigated--Conference, conciliation--Agreement, findings--
49.60.250      Hearing of complaint by administrative law judge--Limitation of relief--
49.60.260      Enforcement of orders of administrative law judge--Appellate review of
                      court order.
49.60.270      Appeal from orders of administrative law judge.
49.60.280      Court shall expeditiously hear and determine.
49.60.310      Misdemeanor to interfere with or resist commission.
49.60.320      Governor may act on orders against state or political subdivisions.
49.60.330      First class cities of over one hundred twenty-five thousand population--
                      Administrative remedies authorized--Superior court jurisdiction.
49.60.340      Election for civil action in lieu of hearing--Relief.
49.60.350      Temporary or preliminary relief--Superior court jurisdiction--Petition of
49.60.360      Refueling services for disabled drivers--Violation--Investigation--
                      Intentional display of plate or placard invalid or not legally issued
                      prohibited--Fine--Notice to disabled persons.
49.60.370      Liability for killing or injuring dog guide or service animal--Penalty in
                      addition to other remedies or penalties--Recovery of attorneys' fees and
                      costs--No duty to investigate.
49.60.380      License waiver for dog guide and service animals.
49.60.390      Rule-making authority--Deadline--1997 c 271.


Annual report on programs to reduce racial disproportionality: RCW 13.06.050.

Application forms--Licenses--Mention of race or religion prohibited: RCW 43.01.100, 43.01.110.

Denial of civil rights: RCW 9.91.010.

Handicapped persons, discrimination in public employment prohibited: RCW 70.84.080.

Gender equality in higher education: Chapter 28B.110 RCW.

Interschool athletic and other extracurricular activities for students, discrimination prohibited: RCW 28A.600.200.

Malicious harassment because of a person's race, color, religion, ancestry, or national origin--Criminal penalty--Civil cause of action: RCW 9A.36.080.

Militia, organized, discrimination prohibited: RCW 38.40.110.

Sexual equality: State Constitution Art. 31 1, 2 (Amendment 61).

Sexual equality mandated for public schools: Chapter 28A.640 RCW.

Unfit buildings, discrimination prohibited: RCW 35.80.040.

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