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Alabama General The Code of Alabama 1975
  Title 21 Ch7 Rights of Blind and Other Wise Physically Disabled Person
Alaska General Alaska Statutes
  Title 11 Ch70 Blind Persons With Guide Dogs in Public Places
  Title 11 Ch76 Interference With Rights of Physically or Mentally Challenged Person.
  Title 18 Ch6 Rights of Blind and Otherwise Physically Disabled Persons
  Title 18 Ch80 State Commission For Human Rights Definitions
Arizona General Arizona Revised Statutes
  Title 11 Sec1024 Guide Dogs and Service Dogs
Arkansas General Arkansas Code of 1987
  Title 20 Ch14 Disabled People
  20-14-301 Policy
  20-14-302 Penalty
  20-14-303 Rights generally
  20-14-304 Right to be accompanied by service animal
  20-14-305 Access to housing accommodations
  20-14-306 Reasonable precautions by drivers
California General Laws, Codes and Regulations
  CC Sec 51,52,53 Unruh Civil Rights Act
  CC Sec 54.1 Disabled Rights
  CC1793 Assistive Device Warranties
  PC365 Common Carrier Rights
  HS19955 Public Accommodation or Facilities
  HS114045 Access to Food Facilities
  HS114190 Access to Open Air BBQ Facilities
  HS114316 Access to Temporary Food Facilities
  HS114332.3 Access to Nonprofit Charitable Temporary Food Facilities
  HS114350 Access to Certified Farmers' Markets
Colorado General Colorado Revised Statutes
  24-34-801 Legislative declaration
  24-34-802 Violation - penalty
  24-34-803 Rights of persons with assistance dogs
  24-34-804 Violations - penalties
Connecticut General General Statutes of Connecticut
  Title 46a Ch813 Protection And Advocacy For Persons With Disabilities
  Title 46a Ch814b Mobility Impaired Persons
  Title 46a Ch814c Human Rights and Opportunities
Delaware General Delaware Code
  Title 6 Ch45 Equal Accommodations
  Title 16 Part XI Disabled and Partially Disabled Persons
  Title 31 Ch21 Relating to the blind and "seeing eye dogs"; penalties.
District of Columbia General District of Columbia Code
  Title 6 Ch17 Rights of Blind and Physically Disabled Persons
Florida General Florida Statutes and Constitution
  Title 30 413.08 Rights of Physically Disabled Persons
Georgia General Georgia Code
  Title 30 Ch4 Sec1-3 Blind persons, persons with visual disabilities, and deaf
Hawaii General Hawaii Revised Statutes
  Volume 7 Ch347-13 Blind, partially blind, physically handicapped; public places; public conveyances
  Volume 7 Ch347-14 Penalty
  Volume 7 Ch347-19 Rights of blind; partially blind
  Volume 12 Ch515-3 Discriminatory practices
Idaho General Idaho State Constitution and Statutes
  Title 18 Ch58 18-5811 thru 18-5812b
  Title 56 Ch7 Rights of Blind and Physically Handicapped Persons
  Title 67 Ch54 Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Illinois General Illinois Compiled Statutes
  Ch105 Act5 Children with Disabilities
  Ch720 Act630 Guide Dog Access Act.
  Ch775 Act30 White Cane Law.
Indiana General 1998 Indiana Code
  Title 16 Art32 Persons With Disabilities
  Title 22 Art9 Civil Rights
Iowa General Code of Iowa
  Title 6 Ch216C Rights of Persons Who are Blind or Partially Blind and Persons with Physical Disabilities
  216C.3 Free use of public facilities
  216C.4 Accommodations
  216C.5 Use of guide dogs
  216C.9 Curb cutouts and ramps for persons with disabilities
  216C.10 Use of hearing dog
  216C.11 Service dogs and assistive animals
  Title 8 Ch321 Motor Vehicles and law of the Road
  321.333 Duty of drivers
  321.334 Penalties
Kansas General Kansas Statutes
  39-1101 Rights of blind, visually handicapped and physically disabled
  39-1102 Use of guide dogs by totally or partially blind persons
  39-1103 Interference with certain rights
  39-1107 Hearing impaired; use of hearing assistance dogs
  39-1108 Use of service dogs by physically disabled persons
  39-1109 Training guide dogs, hearing assistance dogs or service dogs
Kentucky General Kentucky Revised Statutes
  Title XXI Ch258 Adobe Acrobat Reader Persons with guide dogs not to be denied accommodations, transportation, elevator service, Conditions -- Exemption from licensing fees. Adobe Acrobat Reader
Louisiana LAScribe STATUTES online: They charge for this service.
    Services Information for People with Disabilities Louisiana State Capitol
Maine General Maine Revised Statutes
  Title 17 Ch47 Model White Cane Law
  Title 22 Ch963 Health and Welfare
Maryland General Under Construction
  Article 30 Sec33 Deaf, Mute or Blind
Massachusetts General General Laws of Massachusetts
    Commonwealth of Massachusetts: Disabilities
  Ch272 Sec98A Accommodations and privileges of physically handicapped persons with a dog guide; charges or fares; liability.
Michigan General Michigan Compiled Laws
  Ch750 Sec502 Person with disabilities or trainer led by guide, leader, hearing, or service dog
  Ch752 Sec52 Blind pedestrian carrying cane or using dog guide
Minnesota General Minnesota State Statutes
  Ch256C Handicapped Persons
Missouri General Missouri Revised Statutes
  Title XII Ch209 Aid to the Blind--Rights of Persons with Visual, Hearing or Physical Disabilities
  209.150 Rights of persons with visual, hearing or physical disabilities-- guide, hearing or service dogs, no extra charge for--liability for actual damages.
  209.190 Housing accommodations, defined--discrimination against persons with visual, hearing or physical disabilities, prohibited--dogs, guide, hearing or service to have full access--liability for actual damages.
Mississippi General Mississippi Code
  Title 43 Ch6 Rights and Liabilities of Blind and Other Handicapped Persons.
Montana General Montana Code Annotated, 1997
  Title 49 Ch4 Rights of the Handicapped 
Nebraska General Nebraska Statutes
  Ch20 Art126 Statement of Policy
  Ch20 Art131 Full and equal enjoyment of housing accommodations; statement of policy.
Nevada General Nevada Revised Statutes
  Title 10 Ch118 Discrimination in Housing; Landlord and Tenant
  Title 38 Ch426 Benefits and Privileges for Handicapped Persons
  Title 53 Ch613 Employment Practices
  Title 54 Ch651 Public Accommodations
  Title 58 Ch704 Regulation of Public Utilities Generally
  Title 58 Ch706 Motor Carriers
New Hampshire General NH Revised Statutes
  Title 12 Ch167C White Cane Law
  Title 12 Ch167D Hearing Ear Dogs, Guide Dogs, Service Dogs, and Search and Rescue Dogs
New Jersey General Statutes
  Title 49 Ch4 Handicapped Rights
New Mexico General New Mexico Statutes
  Ch28 Article7 Blind and Disabled Persons 
  Ch28 Article11 Hearing Ear Aid Dogs
New York General New York State Laws
  Article4-B Civil Rights Law
  Sec47 Use of public facilities by persons with a disability.
  Sec47a Employment of persons with a disability.
  Sec47b Miscellaneous provisions.
  Sec47c Penalties.
North Carolina General N.C. General Statutes
  Ch168 Handicapped Persons
  Ch168A Handicapped Persons Protection Act
North Dakota General North Dakota Century Code
  Title 25 Ch13 Adobe Acrobat Reader 25 Mental and Physical Illness or Disability Adobe Acrobat Reader
Ohio General Ohio Revised Code
  Title 9 Ch955 Dogs
  955.011 Free permanent registration for guide, leader, hearing or support dogs
  955.43 Dogs with blind, deaf or mobility impaired person.
  955.99 Penalties
Oklahoma General Oklahoma Statutes
  Title 7 Ch1 19.1 Public Conveyances - Public Accommodations - Owner - Dog
  Title 7 Ch1 19.2 Penalty
  Title 41 Sec113.1 Denial or Termination of Tenancy to Blind Person Because of Guide Dog
Oregon General Oregon Revised Statutes
  Title 30 Ch346 Section 346.610 thru 346.690 Dogs Guide for Blind or Deaf Persons in Public Places
Pennsylvania General Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes
  Title 18 Ch73 Section 7325 Discrimination on account of guide dog
  Title 43 Ch17 Sections 952 thru 955
Rhode Island General The State of Rhode Island General Laws
  Title 39 Ch2 Sec13 Admission of guide dogs.
  Title 40 Ch9.1 Equal Rights of Blind and Deaf Persons to Public Facilities
South Carolina General The Code of Laws
  Title 43 Ch33 Rights of Physically Disabled Persons
South Dakota General South Dakota Codified Laws
  Title 20 Ch13 Right of disabled persons to equal treatment in public accommodations.
Texas General Texas Statutes
  Title 8 Ch121 Participation in Social and Economic Activities
  Title 8 Ch122 Texas Council on Purchasing from People with Disabilities
Tennessee General Tennessee Code
  62-7-112 Guide dogs to be admitted - Penalties.
  66-7-104 Physically disabled persons' access to housing accommodations
  66-7-106 Leasing to blind persons.
Utah General Utah Law
  Title 26 Ch30 Rights and Privileges of Blind and Disabled Persons
Vermont General The Vermont Statutes Online
  Title 9 Ch139 Discrimination; Public Accommodation
Virginia General Code of Virginia
  Disability Services Commonwealth of Virginia
  Title 51.5-9 Visually Handicapped
  Title 51.5-44 Persons with Disabilities
Washington General Code Reviser
  Title 49.60 Discrimination-Human Rights
  Title 70.84 Blind, Handicapped, And Disabled Persons
    Municipal Research & Services Center
West Virginia General State Code
  Ch5 Art15 White Cane Law
    Dogs for License tax exemption
Wisconsin General Statutes
  Ch174.056 Dogs for Admitted to public places
Wyoming General State Statutes
  Title 35 Ch13 Facilities in Public Buildings for Physically Handicapped

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