RCW 49.60.330 First class cities of over one hundred twenty- five thousand population--Administrative remedies authorized-- Superior court jurisdiction. Any county or any city classified as a first class city under RCW 35.01.010 with over one hundred twenty five thousand population may enact resolutions or ordinances consistent with this chapter to provide administrative and/or judicial remedies for any form of discrimination proscribed by this chapter. The imposition of such administrative remedies shall be subject to judicial review. The superior courts shall have jurisdiction to hear all matters relating to violation and enforcement of such resolutions or ordinances, including petitions for preliminary relief, the award of such remedies and civil penalties as are consistent with this chapter, and enforcement of any order of a county or city administrative law judge or hearing examiner pursuant to such resolution or ordinance. Any local resolution or ordinance not inconsistent with this chapter may provide, after a finding of reasonable cause to believe that discrimination has occurred, for the filing of an action in, or the removal of the matter to, the superior court.

[1993 c 69 16; 1983 c 5 2; 1981 c 259 5.]


     Severability--1993 c 69: See note following RCW 49.60.030.

     Effective date--1981 c 259: See note following RCW 49.60.250.