RCW 49.60.270 Appeal from orders of administrative law judge. Any respondent or complainant, including the commission, aggrieved by a final order of an administrative law judge may obtain judicial review of such order as provided under the administrative procedure act, chapter 34.05 RCW. From the time a petition for review is filed, the court has jurisdiction to grant to any party such temporary relief or restraining order as it deems just and suitable. If the court affirms the order, it shall enter a judgment and decree enforcing the order as affirmed.

[1985 c 185 25; 1981 c 259 4; 1957 c 37 22. Prior: 1949 c 183 9, part; Rem. Supp. 1949 7614-27A, part.]


     Effective date--1981 c 259: See note following RCW 49.60.250.