RCW 49.60.227 Declaratory judgment action to strike discriminatory provision of real property contract. If a written instrument contains a provision that is void by reason of RCW 49.60.224, the owner, occupant, or tenant of the property which is subject to the provision may cause the provision to be stricken from the public records by bringing an action in the superior court in the county in which the property is located. The action shall be an in rem, declaratory judgment action whose title shall be the description of the property. The necessary party to the action shall be the owner, occupant, or tenant of the property or any portion thereof. The person bringing the action shall pay a fee set under RCW 36.18.012.

     If the court finds that any provisions of the written instrument are void under RCW 49.60.224, it shall enter an order striking the void provisions from the public records and eliminating the void provisions from the title or lease of the property described in the complaint.

[1995 c 292 18; 1993 c 69 10; 1987 c 56 2.]


     Severability--1993 c 69: See note following RCW 49.60.030.

     Intent--1987 c 56 2: "The legislature finds that some real property deeds and other written instruments contain discriminatory covenants and restrictions that are contrary to public policy and are void. The continued existence of these covenants and restrictions is repugnant to many property owners and diminishes the free enjoyment of their property. It is the intent of RCW 49.60.227 to allow property owners to remove all remnants of discrimination from their deeds." [1987 c 56 1.]