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ATTENTIION: I am currently selling the cards again! These are professionally produced cards that are double-sided.

Many times, you'll be confronted by a person who doesn't understand the rights of disabled persons, especially the right to have your service dog with you. I hope that with these cards you will have less access confrontations, and if you DO have one, giving the person the card, may make them leave you alone.

The cards have the following printed on the front of them in black print.

This person is accompanied by a service dog. This service dog is allowed to accompany this person in ALL places of public accomodation with NO exceptions. You do not have the right to ask questions of this person other than 1) Are you disabled? and 2) Is that a service dog? Once those questions are answered yes, you may not ask any other questions of this person that pertains to their disability and the skills or training of the service dog. Refusal to provide equal access to people with disabilities with service dogs is a federal civil rights violation, provided by the American Disability Act of 1990.

On the back of each card is the DOJ phone number. This is so that businesses who have questions can talk to the Department of Justice directly.

Cards are printed on white or ivory premium card stock with black printing. There are 25 cards ($5) or 100 cards ($25) per order, and they are meant to be handed out to people that have questions about your dog, or try to tell you that your dog doesn't belong. And to be kept by the person for information about service animals.

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