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Please use this discussion forum to ask questions about Service Dogs. How to act when you see one. How to tell if a dog is a Service (Assistance) Dog, and any other subject relating to Service (Assistance) Dogs.

Please observe the following rules:

1) Please sign your posts (or put a name in when sign up to the list, so that your name appears when you post). First name is fine - as well, as dog's name. Anon posts are not allowed, as we want to know who we are talking to.

2) Flame posts at list members is NOT ACCEPTABLE, PERIOD. For clarification, a flame is an verbal attack on a person or the personality of the person. Discussions on the ISSUES, the substance of what is posted, is fine. AGAIN, NO FLAMES AT, TO, OR ABOUT ANY PERSON OR PERSONALITY.

FLAME posts are very clearly determined by the tone of the post, and the use of *YOU* and direct attacks on the posters personality, linage, and attitude. The final decission regarding whether or not there was a flame is the Moderators' only.

3) It's okay to disagree, but please no personal attacks.

4) No posting of PRIVATE email, unless you have the permission of both parties (sender/receiver).

5) Sending PRIVATE Posts to an individual member of this list about what they have said on the list, and containing inflamatory material; or, posting things about this list either by direct disclosure or indirect insinuation about the list or any of the members of this list is prohibited. Violations well be Moderation or Unsubscribing, Moderators choice.

6) No one liners. Please, if you must say "I agree" or something similar, please send it as private mail to the person you are replying to.

7) No HTML emails. This means that you MUST send plain text emails to the list. Many users do not have the capability to look at HTML emails, and it is all gibberish. Or it causes the member's computer to dial up to the internet, to read it.

8) ALL disagreements will be settled by the list Moderator(s), and will include; (1) a simple ADMIN> END THIS THREAD; (2) Moderated Posting; or (3) UNSUBSCRIBED. The decision of which will be solely the choice of the Moderator(s).

9) ADMIN: END THIS THREAD does not mean *One Last Comment* nor does it mean change the subject matter and try to slip additional comments in. Both will be dealt with under 4, (2) or (3), Moderator's Choice.

10) There will be NO posting of any Adult Material promoting Websites or **-Lists which provide any warnings or material which is XXX rated in any manner; or, in which material might be un-suitable for anyone under 18.

11) Please use the following TOPICS in the Subject of your emails, so that people may easily filter out emails they want to read.

Training (any training issues)
Chat (Whatever doesn't fit any other topic)
Care (Care of your A-dog)
Access (Access Issues)
Equipment (Equipment you use on your dog)
Admin (Administrative posts - Moderators only)
ADA (any disability related issue that is not service dog related)

11a) If you don't want to read messages about NON-Service Dog issues, use your delete key to delete those messages with the keywords that you have no interest in, for example, ADA and CHAT. Please do not complain ON LIST about messages you consider off-topic. ANY message about disability issues IS on topic.

12) Edit your posts! Please do not leave extra messages at the end of the message you are composing. Edit your posts to show ONLY the message you are replying to.

13) If an ADMIN message is posted, do NOT comment on it ON THE LIST unless invited to do so. The fastest way to get yourself moderated is to question the decisions of the list owner/moderators. You are welcome to ask questions in PRIVATE email, or by sending them to but, NOT in public.

If you break any of the above rules, you will be warned either in private email, or in public mail on the list. If you break the same rule again, then you will be moderated (your messages must be approved by me before they are allowed on the list), a third occurance, will result in you being unsubscribed from the list.

I am the owner of this list, with a select number of other list members as moderators. Please do NOT moderate other users, unless you are given such powers by me. If you moderate someone, be aware that I will call you on it.

Posts replied to on the OT-ADogs list automatically go directly to the list (and all members), if you want to send a PRIVATE post to a member, remember to change the address line in your email program.

If you have any questions, please email me at">

That's about it! :)

Dana Marshall and Gillis
ListOwner, OT-ADogs">

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