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Gillis wears a variety of equipment, depending on what I need him to do. In the next few days/weeks, I'll be posting pictures and descriptions of what he wears and where I got his equipment.

For all pictures, just click on the picture to have a larger picture load, so you can see the details. :)

First of all, Gillis wears a K collar, or what is also called a martingale collar. He wears this in place of a normal buckle collar.

When training, Gillis wears a small size quick release pinch collar, which differs from a normal pinch collar in the quick release catch, so you don't have to take the collar apart to get it off. It does, however, sometimes come undone when not wanted.


Small Quick Pinch Collar
Small Pinch
Quick Release Pinch Collar
Normal Pinch Collar


When working, Gillis wears a small size quick release pinch collar, a flat chain (choke chain), and his K collar. These are all hooked together, so that if the pinch collar comes undone, Gillis is not off leash.

Collar Setup

I use a wrap around leash that I made myself in lieu of a normal six foot leash. The leash is 10 feet long. I sell these leashes, pictured below, for $20 for the leash with regular leash clip, and $25 for the leash with the carabiner.

Wrap Around Leash

I also make a leash with several leash clips and a D ring for more adjustability. This leash is $25.

Postage and handling is $5 for shipment in the US, varies for international orders.

If you would like a leash, please send me an ?Subject=Wrap Around Leash">email. I accept payment via PayPal, which allows you to send money via credit card to anyone with an email address. This service is totally free, and very easy to use. You must have a credit card to use this service, however. Click here, for PayPal information, to send payment to me for any leashes you order. If you are not a member of PayPal, you will receive a $5 bonus in your account for signing up. So, the leash will cost $5 less. :)

If you do not have a credit card, I do accept money orders and checks. Please note, I will make sure the check clears before your leash is mailed.

Gillis wears when working, either a red or green backpack, or a leather harness. The leather harness has two D rings so that I can attach a strap to it for wheelchair pulling. Over the leather harness, I have a blue cape from NuCapes (not pictured (yet!)), that says "Service Dog" and "Access Required".

The harness comes from Trainer's Choice, link is on the Service Dog Equipment page.

Gillis's Harness   Gillis in Harness

The green backpack comes from Outward Hound, and is great for when I need Gillis to carry things for me. The red backpack (not pictured) is a Wenhala pack, purchased from REI, a local Seattle area store that has climbing equipment and other sports type equipment.

Gillis in Pack


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