OT-Adogs Mailing List FAQ

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There are actually three ways that work to get off the list. DO NOT post to the list. This might get you off, but is the worst way to do it; A post to the list goes to all subscribers, is VERY slow and gets everyone angry with you. If Dana misses seeing it (and she may not read all of every post), you don't get off the list.

1. Best method: Post to


containing nothing in the message, from the address at which you are subscribed. This is automatically executed and is the fastest method.

2. To unsubscribe via the Web, log in at www.Egroups.com, and on the "My Egroups" page, check the box next to the group from which you want to unsubscribe.

Then scroll down and click the Unsubscribe button, and youíre done. Alternatively you may wish to remain a member of the Egroups, but cut down the volume of e-mail that you receive. You can click on the link in the delivery-mode column. (The right column labeled "Mode"). This will allow you to choose to receive periodic digests or allow you to continue reading the groups postings on the web. Click on the blue link which may say "E-Mail" and then select the message delivery mode desired. Click on apply changes. Thatís it.

3. The slowest way is to post a request to Dana at:


This will eventually unsubscribe you, once Dana sees it. It comes as personal mail to her, so she will be read when she gets a chance.

If you have difficulties, or do not understand what to do, send an e-mail message to:


and she will try to help you. Do tell her you want help with the OT-Adogs list, as she moderates/owns several different lists!

To transfer your subscription, unsubscribe to the old account and subscribe to the new one, or send mail to Dana, telling her you wish to transfer and clearly label both old and new addresses. (And which list!)


This list is for the specific purpose of providing a forum about the training, use, access rights, and safety of working Assistance Dog teams. The main use of this list, is for owner/trainers to ask questions. OT-Adogs, as in the name of this list, includes Service Dogs, Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs, Seizure Alert Dogs, and other Dogs working with a disabled partner. Service Dog partners, Service puppy trainers, Service Dog Training Organizations, people waiting for a Service Dog, and other interested in these dogs are welcome to apply to the list.

Commercial posts, flaming, spamming, virus warnings, etc. do not belong in this mailing list, and posting same could result in Dana removing you from the list. Humor happens here, and is welcome so long as it doesn't result in bodily harm from too many list readers falling out of their chairs, and so long as it's kept in reasonable bounds. Humor isn't the purpose of the list, but the good laugh provided (relevant to our dogs) is very welcome on occasion!

Posting messages to the list is restricted to subscribers, who are defined as anyone posting with a logon name and address identical to one in the Egroups list of subscribers. You cannot post to the list either from a different address or if you are unsubscribed.


Attachments are NOT allowed on this list. If you try to send an attachment to the list, it will not be posted. If you would like to send an attachment of something for the list to look at, please send it to Dana privately at ">ot-adogs-REMOVE@danawheels.net"> and she will put it up on Egroups in the area JUST for that purpose. Pictures of you and your dog, or other things, like newspaper clippings are some of the things that can be stored there.


Be aware that when you go on vacation, your mailbox may be in danger of over-flowing unless you make appropriate arrangements. And, even if it doesn't, you may return to hundreds of messages.

Egroups does not have a nomail function per se, however, you can put your account on "READ IT ON THE WEB", and mail will stop coming to your mailbox, it is not accessible except by registering with Egroups, and accessing it via the web. Or you may choose to leave email to dana.marshall@bigfoot.com, and ask to be put on READ IT ON THE WEB.

Also, if your e-mail server generates a receipt automatically for each message sent, you will experience problems as you will double the list traffic - so if your company has a "I'm on vacation" feature, or automatic receipt generation, please talk to your e-mail administrator before joining the list, or please unsubscribe before the vacation begins!

Posts replied to on the OT-ADogs list automatically go directly to the list (and all members), if you want to send a PRIVATE post to a member, remember to change the address line in your email program.

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If you use the above link, take out the -REMOVE in the email address.

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