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Here's a list of commands that Gillis knows - with what I expect when I give him the command. I'll also have a list of commands that I will be teaching Gillis. Descriptions of each command will be added as I have time. :)

Back Up: Walk backwards.
Bark: Bark once.
Brace: Stand still and not move while handler leans against dog for support.
Bring It Here: Walk with item in mouth to handler.
Close It: Push a door/cupboard closed with paws.
Come: Go to handler, close enough to be touched.
Down: Lay down immediately.
Finish: Move to heel position from in front of handler.
Give: Give item to handler.
Heel: Walk on a loose leash on the left side of handler.
Help: Bark multiple times.
High Five: Raise one paw and wave it in the air.

Lap: Put front legs on lap of handler and lean on them.
Leave It: Turn head away from object that is being sniffed, and ignore it.
Let's Go: Walk on a loose leash at handler's side.
Look: Look at whatever the handler is pointing at.

Move: Move out of handler's way.
Now: Do command now.
Off: Put all 4 feet on the floor.
Paws Up: Put front paws on lap.
Quiet: Stop barking/whining.

Shake: Shake whole body.
Sit: Sit.
Spit It Out: Immediately open mouth and drop whatever is in it.
Stand: Stand.
Stay: Do not move from whatever position dog is in.
Take It: Take item indicated.
Tug: Pull on whatever dog has in mouth.
Wait: Allowed to move around area, but can not leave vicinity.

Commands Being Worked On:

Move Forward:
Settle Your Pack:


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