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General Books on Assistance Dogs

Partners in Independance book coverThis wonderfully upbeat book provides a unique view of blind, deaf and physically disabled persons and the remarkable dogs that make it possible for them to more fully participate in the world around them. Partly autobiographical, partly journalistic, Partners in Independence relates the experiences and chronicles the travels of the authors as they take an advocacy role for the needs and rights of the disabled, especially those who use specially-trained dogs as eyes, ears or attentive assistants. There are profiles of Delta Society award winners, both human and canine and biographies of the dedicated people who raise, train and place these very special dogs. Ed and Toni Eames are truly an inspiration. Both blind, the Eameses maintain a dizzying schedule of travel, writing and advocacy for their admirable cause. Partners In Independance (hardback)

Everyday HeroesIn Everyday Heroes: Extraordinary Dogs Among Us, photographer Mary Bloom and author Sherry Bennett Warshauer tell the remarkable stories of service dogs who are guides, healers, therapists, and, in many cases, the bridge to a normal, fulfilling life for many patients and owners. Through the eyes of individuals and owners who have seen firsthand the effects of their special dogs, the reader experiences the many ways in which canines are able to make a difference in our lives. One of the most inspiring stories is of a dog named Guapo, whose sensitivity caused him to be removed from the Guide Dog program, but made him a perfect match for working with emotionally abused children. In fact, for a young boy dealing with his parents' messy divorce, Guapo was the link that allowed him to communicate his feelings. Guapo's head in the boy's lap and a lick on the cheek were the keys necessary for the boy to break down the protective wall he had created and, eventually, to help him understand his emotions. Accompanied by Bloom's stirring photographs, such heartwarming, uplifting stories make this collection perfect not only for animal lovers, but also for anyone who needs to be reminded of the power of compassion and friendship, whether the friend is a relative, a significant other, or a special canine. --Jennifer Pugh Everyday Heroes: Extraordinary Dogs Among Us (Hardcover)


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