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Teamwork 1 Dog Training BooksIn Teamwork, Stewart Nordensson and Lydia Kelley show that a disabled person CAN train their own dog. Stew was born with Cerebral Palsy, and has trained 4 service dogs for himself, as well as taken dogs through obedience trials all the way up to Utility Dog (the highest you can train your dog to).
Teamwork breaks down basic obedience into steps for someone who is ambulatory, ambulatory with devices, in a manual wheelchair, or in a power chair.
The book starts with having the reader understand dog behavior, how to praise, what equipment to use, and using food as a training tool. Then there is the chapter on how to give commands, how to get your dog to pay attention to you. After this, Teamwork moves into actual commands. Sit/Sit Stay, Down/Down Stay, Random recall, Controlled Walk, Wait, Leave It, and then there's a chapter about training your dog as a service dog, if you're so inclined.

While Teamwork doesn't get into the tasks that you may need to train your dog as a service dog, there is Teamwork II that teaches that. "Teamwork" (spiralbound) $15.00 (plus shipping)

Teamwork (VHS edition) $25.00 (plus shipping) Teamwork (DVD) $25.00 (plus shipping)

Teamwork 2 Dog Training BookTeamwork II is a continuation of Teamwork, the book that teaches you to train your dog no matter what your physical disability. Stewart Nordesson and Lydia Kelley continue the work of Teamwork, but this time, with the help of Top Dog clients and graduates. You learn how to get your dog to pick up items; brace you for getting into your wheelchair, or for walking; getting your dog to go under tables; to ring a bell for help; and many other things. The examples are taken from Top Dog graduates, and how they taught their dogs how to do things.

The tasks are are related to making your dog into a service dog, and there's even a chapter on going out in public. Teamwork II (spiralbound) $15.00 (plus shipping) Teamwork II (VHS Edition) $25.00 (plus shipping) Teamwork II (DVD) $25.00 (plus shipping)


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