Service (Assistance) Dog Equipment

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The main thing you want to consider when you look into equipment for your service dog, is what is his job?

A hearing dog doesn't need backpacks, or a pulling harness, a vest would do.

A seizure alert dog also may not need backpacks, but a harness and a leash attached to the handler to keep the handler and the dog together.

A wheelchair pulling dog may need a set of backpacks, and a harness or a combination of both. The companies below have specific products for Service (Assistance) Dogs, including leashes that are varying lengths.


Service Dog Patches
Another site for Service Dog Patches
Dogs In Motion
LDS Leather

I recently needed to replace a leash that wrapped around my body to leave my hands free, and built a leash that does so with closures like you see on most Assistance Dog packs. The leash is 8 foot long (can be made longer if necessary), and when wrapped around the body is about 6 foot long, and is very adjustable, where you can give the dog any length from about 1 foot to 6 feet. You can see a picture of the leash, here. If you'd like to know how to build one, or how to obtain one, please send me email.

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