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Even though there are laws allowing disabled persons to be accompanied by a Service Dog, many people still do not realize this, and will confront anyone that brings a dog into a public place. Every day, someone with an Assistance Dog is denied access to a public place, even though, the Americans with Disabilities Act has been in effect for 10 years, and many states have had laws protecting a disabled persons right to being accompanied by an Assistance Dog for far longer.

The pages here will tell of stories that service dog teams have gone through, as well as list businesses that are service dog friendly (they follow all the laws), or service dog not friendly (people have to explain themselves). Why am I posting bad stories and not the good? Because walking into a store and not being bothered is supposed to be what happens, but many times, it's not. There are many more businesses that do not confront someone, and yes, I will post those businesses as well.

The business listings are JUST an FYI if you have a service dog, you might want to make sure you carry the laws with you, and be prepared for an access challenge. And if I list a business that is part of a national chain, I will list the specific business address, so as to not bring bad press to ALL stores. I know that one person will have a problem at a business, while another won't. We need to change the attitudes of businesses and make them WANT to follow the law.

And I'm adding a section on what to do when you're confronted by someone in a place of business that is demanding you show certification or ID for your dog.

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